Landscape design is an extension of any home's exterior.
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Getting Started

The first step in landscaping is deciding what type of garden best suits your lifestyle and your home. Before making any plans, ask yourself these questions:

• Where do you live -- in the city, the suburbs, or the country? Your garden should complement the environment or neighborhood.

• What is the style of your house? Is it formal or informal? Spanish Revival, Georgian, ranch, bungalow, or cottage?

• What are your needs? A lawn where the kids can play? A place to grow flowers? A place to entertain?

• What are the limitations of the site? Is it big enough for a pool? Is it too steep to mow safely? Are there unattractive views you'd like to screen?

• How much time can you devote to upkeep? Clipped hedges, large flowerbeds, and big lawns require considerable maintenance.

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