A shed with tools on a pegboard
Tim Street-Porter

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Keep your potting shed in order with these simple tasks.

What You'll Need
• Pegboard
• Spray paint
• Various hooks for pegboard
• Acoustic ceiling tiles
• Roll of Burlap
• Scissors
• White vinegar
• Rubbing alcohol Spray bottle
• Stiff wire brush
• Large bucket or wheelbarrow
• Household bleach
• 1/4-, 1/2-, 1-inch wooden dowels
• 1-inch wood screws
• Toolbox or 5-gallon paint bucket
• Bag of play sand
• Bottle of motor oil
• Sandpaper
• Metal File
• Rag
• Linseed oil

Step 1: Organize garden supplies on a pegboard. Just as your kitchen and office are happier places to be when they're organized, your garden workspace, too, needs to be clutter-free and at the ready. We took two sheets of pegboard, covered them with graphite-colored spray paint, and added hooks. We even made a bulletin board with a sheet of acoustic ceiling tile covered in burlap.

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