Camelback sofa
Courtesy of Southern Accents

Sit Back and Relax

Loose-cushion back: Cushions are separate from the sofa back, allowing for a softer, more comfortable back. The covers can easily be removed and dry-cleaned. Alternatively, the back may be "semi-attached," meaning that loose cushions are sewn into place.
(See Tuxedo, Sectional )

Tight back: The back of the sofa is upholstered, with no loose cushions. This gives a cleaner, more tailored appearance and a firmer feel. Throw pillows can be added for comfort or for people who need more support.
(See Chesterfield, Camelback. )

Pillow back: Multiple pillows are arranged across the back of the sofa in place of larger cushions. Pillow backs require more fluffing and arranging, but offer easily adjustable comfort.

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