Rustic Barn Style
John Granen

Barn Style

Orthopedic surgeons David and Amaryllis Scott's barn-shaped retreat on a silent ridge in Winthrop, Wash. (shown here), is as remote from their working lives as the surface of the moon. "First and foremost, it's base camp," David says. "But it's also a place to escape from the stresses of our profession. We can forget it all."

The Scotts wanted a simple weekend home that put them close to the mountains. When they decided to build a custom two-bedroom, 2,300-square-foot home that would provide both comfort and utility, the Scotts called in the family expert -- David's father, architect Winton Scott. The elder Scott was intrigued by the architecture of Northwest barns and suggested a design that borrowed from the region's buildings.

Take-Away Tip: The Scotts' house is a classic barn-like space: natural, functional, and warm.


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